The 1st s Session of World Ceramic Teapot Art Competition

The list of winners of first pot art competition

About the first world pot art competition

First, the purpose of the competition

Yixing, with nearly 7,000 years of ceramic history, is an important birthplace of Chinese ceramic culture. Yixing Zisha is famous in the world.With the development of modern ceramics for half a century, ceramic teapots have expanded from traditional practical arts and crafts to non-practical areas such as sculpture.

The China Yixing International Ceramics Symposium and Ceramic Art Exhibition was unveiled in Yixing, Taodu, in 2001 and 2005.Yixing was honored as the “World Potting Center” by IAC President Tony Frank in 2005.

On October 18, 2019, Yixing held the “10th China Yixing International Ceramic Culture and Art Festival”. During the Ceramic Culture Festival, the “World Pot Art Competition” will be an open exhibition at the Qinglongshan Complex in Dingshu Town.The ceramic pots with various cultural backgrounds and artistic styles are open to the public. There are specific or abstract, narrative and decorative ceramic pots as the main innovative pots, building a stage for international ceramic culture exchange and development.

Second, the organizational unit

Organizer: International Academy of Ceramics
Yixing Municipal People's Government

Organizer:Yixing Ceramic Industry Association

This pot art competition, through the dedicated website, WeChat platform, all ceramic-related WeChat group, WeChat circle of friends and other channels.From the announcement of the contest on March 14th to the deadline for registration on July 15, a total of 573 sets of qualified entries were received. After the online voting by the judges, they were selected from the United States, Canada, Russia, Italy, the United Kingdom, and France.189 pieces sets from 18 countries and regions including Ukraine, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, Japan, and Yixing Cityand Jingde town in China participated in the on-site re-evaluation of Yixing, including nearly 70 pieces of Yixing teapot.

▲ Invitation letter of Yixing Ceramic Industry Association official website

▲Chinese and English interface of the first world pot art competition network preliminary review platform (a total of 200 pieces / set of works)

▲Chinese and English interface (Special Award, Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, etc.) of the first World Pot Art Competition Network Review Platform

After the scientific and rigorous evaluation of the jury, a total of 1 special prize, 2 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 10 bronze medals, 41 merit awards, 7 special awards, and 20 special honor awards were awarded.(Invited exhibitors)In order to encourage Yixing Zisha practitioners to attach importance to the "World Pot Art Competition", the organizing committee has deliberated and awarded one of the "Special Gold Award of the Organizing Committee" and the "Special Silver Award of the Organizing Committee" for Zisha's works, and only awarded honorary certificates.No bonuses.

This event will be held in the form of “Biennale” with the support of IAC and China Ceramic Industry Association.

▲Mr. Zhang Lijun, Mayor of Yixing Municipal People's Government and Director of the Competition Organizing Committee, presented the honorary certificate and bonus to Wang Zhongzhen, the special prize winner.

▲Jacques Kaufman, Honorary Chairman of the Competition and Honorary President of the International Ceramic Art Society, Ms. Fu Weijie, Honorary Vice Chairman of the China Ceramic Industry Association, is the Gold Medal Winners ILONA ROMULE and Weilimir Vukicevic (Jasmina Pejcic)Certificate of honor and bonus.

▲The judges of the competition, the director of the International Ceramic Art Association, Oriol Calvo-Vergés, the deputy director of the organizing committee of the competition, the vice chairman of the China Ceramic Industry Association, and the chairman of the Yixing Ceramic Industry Association, Shi Juntang, the silver medal Winners Xu Jing,Wang Xiaoli,Zhao Lei,ITO SEIJI,Young-soo Kim awarded honorary certificates and bonuses.

▲Mr. Zhou Guangzhen, the judge of the competition, the director of the International Ceramics Society, Mr. Xu Xiutang, the master of Chinese arts and crafts, and the chairman of the China Ceramic Masters Association, and the honorary president of Jingdezhen Ceramics University, Mr. Qin Xilin, were bronze winners, Chang Li Chuan,Antonella Cimatti,Rimas VisGirda,Zhang Chunyan,Xiong Zuchao,He Guanghong He Xiaoguo,Liu Anning ,Julia Feld,XieJuping,KITAGAWA FUSAO awarded honorary certificates and bonuses.

Special Award【One】

【A Series of Snow Reflection】 Wang Zhongzhen China

Gold Award【Two】

【Weather T-pot】 Velimir Vukicevic Serbia


Silver Award【Five】

【The Mountains Covering Snow】 Xu Jing China

【Where is time?】 Wang Xiaoli China

【An Ordinary and Reliable Happiness·Grey Pottery】 Zhao Lei China

【Shaoti Tea Set】 ITO SEIJI Japan

【Dreams and Phantasm】 Young-soo Kim Korea

Bronze Award【Ten】

【square teapot】 Chang Li Chuan Canada

【Teapot Essence of tea #7 2019】 Antonella Cimatti Italy

【Geo B】 Rimas VisGirda America

【Weak Perfume】 Zhang Chunyan China

【Time stands still】 Xiong Zuchao China

【Trinity (Sky, Earth and Man)】 He Guanghong He Xiaoguo China

【My physics understands your chemistry】 Liu Anning Taiwan,China

【Interrupted Comfort】 Julia Feld America

【Promotion is just around the corner】 XieJuping China

【ぬのめ さくらもん かきおとし】 KITAGAWA FUSAO Japan

Excellence Award【 forty-one】

【Giove e Io】 Rolando GIOVANNINI Italy

【Bamboo fantasy】 Chen Mengtai China

【Couple】 Kimie Ino Brazil

【Bamboo Fun】 Yang Junchao China

【Call for Adventure (1st teapot) On the Waves of Her Memory 】 Natasha Dikareva Ukraine

【Siting on】 Xu Haojun China

【Square】 Liu Lei China

【Spring Bamboo Teapot】 Zhao Hongfu China

【Tea Storm: Cumulonimbus】 C.A.Traen America

【Black and White Calendering Teapot】 Cao Xinxuan Korea

【The dream of dragon】 Xu Xiaozheng China

【No dust】 Zhou Bojuan China

【Mandala teapot】 UMEHARA SHOJI Japan

【Mountain View】 Xu Jian China

【Line pot】 TATSUO Japan

【Squared precious tripod】 She Yanmin China

【Amazalgation】 Wang Tao China

【A pot of lingering appeal of the forest of bamboo】 Zhu Caifeng China

【Peas and carrot】 Qin Yongqiang China

【End of War】 Yuan Baoqiang China

【East Building】 Zhou Xueqin China

【Mountain and Water】 Jiang Ting China

【On the run teapot】 Sarah Michael Britain

【Xi】 Zhang Wei China

【Bamboos and clouds】 Guan Wenjing China

【Maple Bridge & Bright Moon Paired Teapots】 He Weifeng China

【Leaking Up Queen】 Valentina Savic Serbia

【Allow yourself to settle】 Bai Zeping China

【The teapot of chap fracturing】 UMEHARA TAKESHI Japan

【Blooming Flowers in the Heyday】 Chu Ben China

【The beauty of nature】 Kong Chunhua China

【LANDS END】 Chen Xiao China

【Rebirth】 Zhang Zhilong China

【Water wave】 Ye Shuiying China

【Chrysanthemum】 Xu Qu China

【Banpo Taoyu】 Liu Zheyu China

【Fishing-teaching teapot】 Tang Chaochang China

【Kutani Flower Teapot with Black Clay】 Yuguang Taoyuan Meiyuan Guanglong Japan

【Fuzhong pot】 Yin Hongdi China

【Green】 Liu Xiaoming China

【The pot of the universe】 Bao Zhikuan China

Judge Special Award【Seven】

【Four Gentlemen】 Zhou Hui China

【Pumpkin】 Ye Xin China

【Mifu Worship Stone】 Huang Qiang Xu Fengpei China

【Barn】 Rick Heinz America

【How to conduct in society】 Chen Lei China

【Pot of Bazaar】 Sun Rui China

【A set of teapot in Tang style】 Tang Boqin China

Special Gold Award of the Organizing Committee【One】

【leisure teapot】 Shi Yinzhi China

Special Silver Award of the Organizing Committee【One】

【Dragon Ball】 Fan Yongjun China

Special honor award【Twenty】

Eva tea set Maia Ming Fong Spain
Es-therra Ramon Pla and Esther Ramos Spain
Paper Fun Wang Xin China
Bule Paula Violante Portugal
Teapot Terry davies Italy
Wild series Li Yun China
Teapot Lynn Frydman Kuhn Switzerland
Teapot Masato Komai Japan
Fumigation side handle pot Zhang Ming China
rhyme Jin Zhenhua Korea
"worm" interest Zheng Weiping China
Tianshan pot Golet Chen Guoliang China
shaped Fan Weimin China
Dali pot He Xiaoyou Yao Yaqin China
Tea kettle teapot·metallic gloss glaze KEIICHIROU WATANABE Japan
Robot on Roller Skates Teapot Frank Ozereko America
Wood fired Teapot Hitomi Shibata America
Archaeozoikum Rebecca Maeder France
The “Bamccaro” Yu Xiaofang China
Shanghai at night Fan Zefeng China